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Credit redemption

You have credits left and right and want to consolidate them into one loan. COFINANCE takes care of everything!

  • You group all your loans (excluding mortgages) and benefit if necessary from an additional amount in 1 single loan.
  • No more management problems and scattered credits! Your credits are grouped around a single monthly payment. In addition, the grouping of credits allows you to decrease your monthly payment

    Real Estate Credit

    Specialist in real estate credit, COFINANCE ensures for you all the necessary steps to assemble your loan.

  • By combining the expertise of real estate investment specialists with the expertise of credit counselors, COFINANCE offers you a whole range of innovative and successful solutions in real estate loans.
  • Made to measure taking into account all the criteria that determine your profile, COFINANCE offers a unique offer.

    Loan Works

    Whether you own or rent, the COFINANCE Works Loan allows you to do whatever work you want.

  • Desires for change at home? Your family is growing and you need to add a room in your apartment? Breaking down a partition or building your attic? With the Loan Works, you offer the changes you dream of!
  • The Work Loan allows you to finance all types of development work, with or without input.

    Personal loan

    Choisir le Prêt Personnel, c'est bénéficier d'un taux d'intérêt fixe de 2% par an. Il ne change pas pendant toute la durée de votre prêt.

  • You want to change your decor? Organize a beautiful wedding? Renovate your home or go around the world? Whatever your project, big or small, the Personal Loan allows you to realize it serenely.
  • The nature of your project does not concern us! You realize your purchases without you having to inform us of what they will be.

    Auto / Motorcycle Credit

    Your family is growing? Do you want to treat yourself to a new car? Mini, sedan, hybrid? To each his own style.

  • Are you looking for a car or a motorbike? The COFINANCE car loan is suitable for all your car financing needs. You can choose from €4,000 to €95,000. What doesn't change. Our rates, still among the lowest on the market, 2% per year
  • The COFINANCE advisers! are at your disposal to organize a break in the payment of your monthly payments, the removal of the day of deduction or the early repayment of your loan. With the COFINANCE. Car loan, there is a solution for every situation.

    Consumer credit

    Our investment community supports you in all your projects. Get your personal loan in less than 24 hours * at unbeatable rates.

  • If you are looking to make a consumer credit to finance the purchase of a car, television or other consumer goods, COFINANCE is here to offer you a different consumer loan.
  • COFINANCE is a consumer credit platform that offers you another consumer loan experience where everything is done to offer you a credit conso simpler, faster, competitive rates and especially 100% online!

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